Wagamama has launched a brand new katsu curry smoothie

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All of the flavours of Japanese katsu curry are one of the most beloved among foodies and now Wagamama have clearly taken note.

The restaurant chain announced a new drink this week, katsu smoothie packed with apples, bananas, pineapples and katsu curry sauce.

But thankfully it is all for a good cause…

Sharing the new product, their Instagram announcement reads: “We can’t meet at our restaurants just yet. so, we reimagined a classic.”

“Introducing the katsu smoothie. made for walking + talking” they continued as they shared a fancy picture of the brand new smoothie.

Conversation starter is definitely an understatement judging by the comments with many Instagram users tagging their friends in utter shock.

“This can’t actually be real” wrote one person as another said “Mmmmmm imagine the breath from that interesting mix.”

A third person pondered on it: “I mean I do love a Katsu chicken, but do I love it enough to drink a Katsu smoothie hmmm.”

We can confirm this thirst trap is absolutely real though, and is not some sort of wildly early and badly timed April Fools’ joke for us all.

Wagamama tagged the youth mental health charity Young Minds in the caption, announcing all the profits will go to the charity.

If you fancy trying the smoothie for yourself, it is available exclusively on click and collect in restaurants located in key cities until 7th April.