Breaking News: UK begins ‘delay’ phase to tackle spread of COVID-19

The UK has entered the “delay” phase as part of the government’s four-step plan to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

It is the second phase, which means anyone with a new continuous cough or a high temperature should self-isolate for seven days.

So far, 10 people in the UK have died who had COVID-19 and the World Health Organisation has declared a global pandemic.

Boris Johnson has been trying to keep the country in the first “contain” phase to stop the virus spreading, but the prime minister admitted earlier this week the strategy was “extremely unlikely to work on its own”.

Now social distancing tactics will be pursued to try and slow the number of infections.

The action plan published last week says of the delay phase: “Action that would be considered could include population distancing strategies, (such as school closures, encouraging greater home working, reducing the number of large scale gatherings) to slow the spread of the disease throughout the population, whilst ensuring the country’s ability to continue to run as normally as possible.

“The UK government’s education departments’ planning assumptions include the possibility of having to close educational settings in order to reduce the spread of infection.”

Source: Sky News

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