Tinders biggest flex RN: The COVID Vaccine

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The biggest TURN ON right now on dating apps is your COVID-19 vaccination status

Seriously, Right now if your fully vaccinated you’re more likely to get a ‘right’ swipe than if you’re not. Tinder users have started using their bio’s usually filled of bragging about their height, ‘size’ or other cringey statement but now are divulging whether or not they’ve received their COVID-19 vaccine.

Picture: Tinder Future oF Dating Report

Some opt for a straight-forward “I’m vaccinated,” while others go for the more playful, “I’ve got all my shots,” perhaps adding an emoji syringe or two. It’s a full-fledged trend: Tinder’s Future of Dating report found an eightfold increase in the word “vaccine” and a 20-fold increase in the word “antibodies” in member bios since the start of the pandemic.

Even the type of contact usually seeked through Tinder has dramatically changed. Probably something to due with 2020’s ‘touch deprivation’ due to lockdown and you know COVID, people have now come to seek a more ‘innocent’ type of contact. Members are using their bios to seek out affection like hand holding, cuddling, or someone to touch their hair: use of the word “cuddle” is up 23%, and “hand holding” again up 22%. After experiencing months of deprived ‘contact’, It’s now apparently the smallest moments of physical affection people are after. So even when meet-ups become common, following lockdown it’s the little physical gestures that will play a more important role in people’s dating lives.