THE WEEKND Showcases his impressive teddies in chilled selfie

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While most celebrities have designer this and limited-edition that, it looks like one big name in the charts has a different approach. 

The Weeknd has shared a selfie from his plush Los Angeles couch and given his fans an insight into his idea of interior design perfection. 

Posing for the camera in a Toronto Blue Jays jersey, the hitmaker can be seen on the couch with his large Doberman Pinscher asleep and fans cannot miss the plush toys and teddies he keeps on the couch at all times which appear to be just as comfy as he seems. 

“Is that Elmo and a Pokemon in the background?” one fan wrote as another fan commented “No way do you have this on your couch.” 

In the background, a large Elmo toy can be seen chilling with a big purple flower and a Snorlax bear from the Pokemon universe.