The Weeknd share incredible cover using washing machine

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We’re no strangers to seeing incredible covers online from talented musicians and singers who are trying to be seen by their idols.

Heck, it’s how the world found stars like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and more thanks to the videos they put out on the internet.

But it looks like The Weeknd has found a new kind of talented fan in the form of two people who have covered his song using an appliance.

Sharing the video from Complex Canada to his Instagram Story, the fan can be seen creating an opening beat on the two washing machines.

Eventually, one of them switches to pressing the machine buttons to recreate the hit single B​ linding Lights f​ rom the Canadian singer.

Their incredible and creative cover already has over 10,000 likes on Instagram alone with the singer being the cause of most of them.

“When you just want to get your laundry done but you’re also procrastinating to a whole new level” wrote one person in the comments.

Another chimed in and said: “I get the feeling these guys probably never had clean clothes because they are too busy doing this.”

You can hear some of The Weeknd’s biggest hits on Edge Radio!