Store owner launches probe to find out who removed the iconic Edinburgh Jenners sign

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The owner of Edinburgh’s famous Jenner building has launched an investigation due to the store’s golden sign being removed.

Witnesses spotted the distinctive sign being taken down on Wednesday by workers.

A spokesman for the Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen, who owns the listed building, said they were “very surprised” the signs had been removed.

Earlier this year, Jenners owner House of Fraser announced that it was closing the landmark store after 183 years after failing to agree a “fair” rental agreement with the landlord.

Despite the closure, however, it was believed that the store’s familiar signage would remain.

Anders Krogh Vogdrup – the director of AAA United, which owns the Jenners building – told BBC Scotland: “We are very surprised seeing the signage being taken down. We are convinced that the signage is part of the listed building.

“We have not discussed any such step with Sports Direct, and certainly not given any authorisation to do so. We will look in to this matter, contacting Sports Direct.

“We can only once again emphasise that the Jenners building of Edinburgh is an institution and, despite the changing face of retail, it is our aspiration that there will continue to be a retail store for as long as we are its stewards.

“Our involvement in the Jenners building, is first and foremost about helping to preserve a unique historic building in Edinburgh. Already when we acquired the building, we knew that it came with a great deal of responsibility.

“Jenners is an iconic building in Edinburgh, and we take the responsibility very seriously. “

Source: BBC News