“Social Media Sensation” Ollie Ball returns to TikTok

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Ollie Ball quickly rose to fame on TikTok alongside friend Jacob Pasquill on their account @jacobchuckorscranit where they review all manner of food, drinks and confectionery. However, the duo suddenly disappeared from the platform earlier this week without warning.

Ollie and Jacob have garnered more than 9 million likes and over 700 K followers. Today twitter users were sharing their excitement at the reappearance of the viral TikTok duo. Fans managed to get “Ollie Ball” trending in the United Kingdom this week after the pair vanished from the social media platform. One fan even called for Ollie Ball to be confirmed as the new replacement for Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain after Morgan’s fiery exit from the ITV breakfast show.

“Ollie Ball is single handedly carrying the internet right now.”

@georgiakaye_ on Twitter

”Going to get my daily dose of Ollie Ball only to see tiktok banned his account has really been rock bottom for me”

@MichaelaMatt28 on Twitter

If taking TikTok by storm wasn’t enough for the British Schoolboy, Ollie Ball is now also defined on Urban Dictionary as “an absolute legend. Vastly known for his detailed culinary reviews… Ollie ball usually announces his presence…you will first here a line of a song followed by “its Ollie ball here.”

To watch Ollie Ball and Jacob Pasquill on TikTok – Click Here