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Three things you don’t know about me:

  • I can play the Piano and Guitar.
  • I love going out at weekends and walking in the countryside with my dog.
  • I am a physics student at university most of the time.


Who is your favourite music artist:

This changes a lot but at the moment it is probably someone called Elderbrook he is a singer and rapper on electronic dance tracks but his voice seems to be so calming yet dance style, he has collaborated recently with Martin Garrix so very excited to see where he progresses to.


What apps do you use the most:

I think this one is probably going to be Facebook and amazon music as I am either looking at what is going on in the world socially speaking or trying to find the best new music.


Do you have any phobias:

None that really scares me as I am good with most heights and spiders however when the height or the spider gets really big respectively then I do get scared.

If I weren’t a presenter what would you be doing?

I would probably be creating my next madcap invention whether that would be automatic rabbit food feeders or a cipher device I would be tinkering with something.