Richard Branson Is Now Renting Out His Private Island

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If you want something special for your next holiday, you may be interested to test drive the life of one of the most famous billionaires.

Virgin super rich boss Richard Branson is renting out his second private island in the Caribbean to punters for the first time ever.

He has a fortune of around $4.9 billion (£3.55 billion) and has never offered people the opportunity to stay on the 125-acre Moskito Island.

However, the businessman, who owns everything from trains to space rockets, has decided it’s time people get to experience it.

You will need to save up though, as prices start from £18,090 a night just to get the chance to experience the same life as the billionaire.

Moskito Island is approximately 2.5 miles away from Necker Island, which is also Branson’s other Caribbean private island.

He bought Necker back in 1978 and rents that island to private parties, however he only purchased Moskito back in 2011.

It was then when he also started to install infrastructure there, as well as roads and other amenities that would make his stay better.

He announced back in 2015 he had finished that project and also built himself a lovely private escape, according to a Virgin spokesperson.

There are now just ten estates on Moskito, but the Branson one is going to be the first one to open up to anyone who can afford it.