Public File

Here at edge we have obligations with regard to our programmes, including our music and local content. These obligations are set out in the station Format which forms part of our Public File.

The Public File is just one indicator of our output. If you would like a copy, just ask us. If you have any comments on it, ideas or changes, just let us know.


Except in special or exceptional circumstances (which may include some bank holiday periods,) the station broadcasts news bulletins hourly from 06:00am until 6:00pm. Bulletins contain regional, national stories, along with sport, entertainment news.

At the weekend, bulletins are broadcast between 07:00am and 1:00pm.

All our news is prepared and provided by Sky News.

Our news pages online show some of our most recent stories, and you can find these in different parts of our website.


The station broadcasts twenty four hours a day, with programmes as listed here.

Programme Production

Programming within weekday daytimes is not regularly automated. Our evening, daytime, weeknight and overnight programming is generally live from one of the many studios across Scotland and England, but occasional weekend programmes may be automated. These shows may be live in times of adverse weather or other relevant circumstances.