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About Zahra

Zahra Barri is a stand-up comedian and mum of six. (She’s not had them yet but she’s named them all so it feels like she has.)

She performs all around the country, saying things she shouldn’t say and has failed her driving test 13 times but that could be because she lived in Saudi Arabia at the time.

Half-Egyptian and half-Irish, ‘Zahra blends her sweet and sincere personality with cutting and acute social and racial commentary’. 

Mumble Comedy A buzzy fluffball of comedy unafraid to take risks, like a cute lhasapoo puppy with a surprising snarl” 

As heard on BBC Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra, Radio 2. As seen on BBC Iplayer.


On The Edge

Big Little Lies

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On The Edge

Asking For It

Comedian Zahra Barri gives advice on the most effective ways to ask for money. I’ve noticed a lot of women writing into magazines asking the

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