In Love with ‘Love Is Blind’

When I first started watching Netflix’s break out dating show ‘Love Is Blind’ I was dubious. The last Netflix dating show I watched was really boring. ‘Dating Around’ just felt like I was watching an episode of ‘The Hills’ but with less Pratts.

Love is Blind (Netflix)

So I went into ‘Love Is Blind’ with low expectations. My doubts were confirmed when I saw the couple who were presenting the show. ‘Love is Blind’ is presented by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. But don’t worry one of the best things about the show is how little Nick and Vanessa feature in it. Nick Lachey (nais) Mr Jessica Simpson, is hardly an emblem for the successful television marriage. Having him present a show about the sanctity of it feels a bit like having Oliver Reed present a documentary on Feminism.

But before long I was like every other basic bitch in the country. I fell head over heels IN LOVE for the show. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. I mean, I’ve been in love before. I’ve had meaningful significant relationships with other dating shows.  Before I laid eyes on ‘Love Is Blind’ I had been in a fully committed long term relationship with Channel 4’s ‘First Dates’. (Like’ Love Island’ but for people who eat cake). And I’ve had flings with Living TV’s ‘Dating in the Dark’ and Channel 4’s’ Married At First Sight’ and dalliances with, ‘Seven Year Switch’ and ‘Back with The Ex’. Not forgetting one night stands with ‘Celebs Go Dating’ and ‘Eating with My Ex’.  But ‘Love is Blind’? I don’t know. It feels different. It feels like….. Love.

Love is Blind (Netflix)

 Furthermore, I know its real love and not just infatuation because at one point during the Finale episode I jumped on the sofa Tom Cruise /Oprah style. And we all know that means you got it real bad.

It might sound cheesy but ‘Love Is Blind’ has made me a better person. It has made me less superficial. The entire week I binge watched the series, it was like appearances no longer matter. I didn’t brush my hair once. Or wear a bra. Hell, I even started wearing a onesie.

What the show has ultimately taught me is that looks are not the most important thing- some men are like a pair of Ugg boots, they look shit but they feel good inside.

I also learnt a lot about myself. Now, I’m going to say something controversial here but unlike most people my favourite couple wasn’t Lauren and Cameron, Although if I had to choose any of the men to marry on the show I would choose Lauren’s Dad. Nor was it the ‘no action until we feel spiritually connected to each other’ Kelly and Kenny. I’m not surprised Kelly didn’t want to have sex with Kenny, she left him hanging so long, his balls were blue, any action down there would have felt like being in the movie Avatar. Nor was it the fiery Gigi and the stoic Damien although it was nice to see what it would be like if Kylie Jenner dated Russell Tovey. And nor was it the car crash that was Jessica and Mark who were more ‘Love is Blind Drunk’ than ‘Love is Blind’.

My all-time fave couple were Amber and Barnett! I so admired how honest she was about her finances. I, too have a make-up credit card.  it’s called my Boots Advantage Card. And Barnett might come across as a bit of a douche but I’d rather that than some wet, romantic, corny guy who worships the ground I walk on. The other guys were so needy and clingy. It was, quite frankly, gross.

 All I know is every time I saw Amber and Barnett onscreen they just looked like they were having the most fun. And it wasn’t because Barnett had scattered rose petals around the flat on a regimented date night like all the other guys did. Every girl should find a man that she has fun with over everything else. Sod Romance! Find a man who lights his own farts not candles.  That was the take home message I got from the show.

Now that it’s over, might I suggest that Netflix up the stakes?

Perhaps they could create a dating show which further tests contestants’ blind leap of faith. You could call it, ‘Would You Get a Mortgage with This Complete Random Person?’

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