Nerf Guns May Soon Need To Be Registered As Official Firearms

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(Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

If you’ve ever been in a vicious Nerf Gun battle then you will know the power the small rubber bullets can actually pack when fired.

And now South Australia have just updated its Firearms Regulations legislation to ensure all gel blasters are registered with the state police.

Gel blasters are small toy guns that are similar to airsoft rifles and shoot a super absorbent polymer as bullets similar to the Nerf Bullets.

However, enthusiasts say they have to also register some Nerf Guns because they operate in similar fashion to gel blasters without mods.

As a result, they are treated like a proper firearm you would need official papers to own if they are used to fire the gel bullets.

Brad Phillips has registered his $35 Nerf Mega Big Shock and reckons the laws are pretty outrageous when you actually look at them.

He told 7News in an interview about the new gun legislation: “It is only if you load it with a gel ball then you will be breaking the law.”

The new law officially kicked into gear in October last year, however there was a six month amnesty to give gel blaster owners time.

Blasters, which can sometimes resemble assault rifles, are also only allowed in licensed venues like paintball and skirmish facilities.

The state was forced to act on the new legislation chances after more than 180 incidents involving gel blasters occurred in just two years.