MTV will be launching a UK version of the famous show Catfish

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MTV has announced that Catfish will be swimming across the pond next month for a UK version of the hit show filled with drama.

The popular US series is coming to UK shores and will expose online dating liars by following the real-life relationships of individuals.

Each week, the Catfish UK team will help piece together the puzzle to determine the veracity of online profiles and the story behind the DM.

It will be hosted by truth sleuths Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler, who will also be tasked with determining fact from fiction.

MTV said in a statement to fans: “During the last year, the UK has seen a rise in filters, finstagrams and faultless deep fakes.”

“It’s now becoming harder and harder to tell if the person you are speaking to online is who they really say they are behind the keyboard.”

“The Catfish UK team will help piece together the information at hand to reveal the reality behind their DMs.”

Watch the trailer below!

If you’re excited for the upcoming show, four hour-long episodes will air in April, with a further six due to be released later this year.