Line of Duty: Final a let down?

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The latest episode of BBC’s high drama ‘Line of Duty’ has concluded leaving viewers with more questions than answers.


For the last few weeks we have been living on the eager cliff hanger, sitting on the edge of our seats desperate to find the identity of ‘H’ or ‘The Fourth Man’ tonight’s episode finally answered that as Ian Buckles. But ‘Mother of God’ was that reveal underwhelming.


With the final answer of who the ringleader has been uncovered as, The forced retirement of Ted Hastings and the seeming suspicious takeover of a downsized AC-12 by Patricia Carmichael this all begs the question could we see a series 7 in one form or other? 

Series 6 seem to have been by far the most nail biting series of the drama. With more run arounds and information being withheld from us. Having to wait a full 7 days if you were watching when broadcast, just to find the answers to the littlest of evidence. But we (as a nation) can’t help but feel as if ‘We’ve been round the houses and down the drains’ being let down by, Yes the biggest reveal in the history of the drama but not worthy of the endless weeks cliffhangers.


We can now only hope that in the penultimate scenes of the episode we see Steve Arnott, Kate Fleming and Ted Hasting riding together in a lift ready to continue to ‘Suck Diesel’ could this be the the slight bit of evidence we all need to make a series 7 plausible?