Lil Nas X Dances As He Declares He Failed His Driving Exam

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(Photo: 2020 DCP Rights LLC and Getty Images)

Lil Nas X better hope he starts making the big bucks soon because he will need his own personal driver for the next few months.

His name is all over the music charts right now, but according to his latest post, it will not be appearing on a driving licence anytime soon.

The hitmaker took to his social media account to reveal to his millions of fans following him: “OMG I DID IT! I FAILED MY DRIVERS TEST!”


But he took it in stride by prancing along to his new song MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) outside in his hilarious new TikTok video.

“At 22 years old I finally took my drivers test today” the caption reads before the clip shows him dancing in a circle as the caption reveals he failed.

The rapper did previously say back in a May 2019 interview that he did not have a driving license and that “there was no point in a licence.”

You can hear Call Me By Your Name on Edge Radio!