Justin Bieber shares behind the scenes facts on new video

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Justin Bieber has revealed all the behind-the-scenes facts about his music video for latest single Hold On in the latest episode of Vevo Footnotes.

His emotional concept on the music video features him desperately robbing a bank in order to pay the medical bills of his dying girlfriend.

The idea for the heartbreaking music video was developed during a phone call between the Canadian singer and director Colin Tilley.

His latest Footnotes video unveils loads of other really interesting facts for the new video and how the entire thing was filmed.

For example, the cinematographer crashed through a window at the bank with the camera to get a specific shot and had to get 14 stitches.

And if you look closely, at the end you might be able to catch a sweet message the singer wrote on the whiteboard in the hospital.

His latest album titled Justice landed on 19 March with the single being released just two weeks before the latest compilation of songs.

You can hear some of Justin’s biggest hits on Edge Radio!