Justin Bieber has teased his tracklist for upcoming album

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Justin Bieber has built excitement for his highly anticipated album ​Justice​ on his social media by giving his followers a look at the tracklisting.

The 27-year-old artist shared a photo of a cork board that boasted over fifteen track names while providing a glimpse at his creative process.

He has been working tirelessly in the studio to perfect his sixth album for the big release on March 19 and fans are brimming with excitement.

Recently, he even jetted to Paris where he shot a music video for one song and then returned home jetlagged in a matter of hours.

The purported track names of J​ ustice​ were individually laid out on notecards as he tried to lock down the song order for the upcoming album.

Based on the cards, it appears the album will boast an intro track and interlude and the record will kick off with a track called ​Too Much.

All titles seemed to reflect transformative things in his life like his marriage, love of God and the demons he has battled in the past.

You can hear some of Justin’s biggest hits on Edge Radio!