Justin Bieber has launched a live performance of his new single

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Just because you cannot go see Justin Bieber live right now, does not mean you have to sacrifice hearing his raw vocals perform.

The famous hitmaker is kicking off a VEVO Official Live Performance marathon with a rendition of Hold On from his new album Justice.

His new live video shows him uncut and unedited, performing in a forest with bright lights illuminating his socially-distanced band.

It’s the first of four videos which will be released over the next few days with his other singles AnyoneHoly and Lonely following very soon.

Speaking about the collaboration on YouTube, the singer said: “I loved working with VEVO to create these Official Live Performances.”

“VEVO has been part of my video releases since the beginning and I really feel so blessed to have them championing me for over a decade.”

Bieber was one of the Top 10 Worldwide Most Watched Artists on the streaming platform last year with his Yummy in at number two for 2020.

You can hear some of Justin’s biggest hits on Edge Radio!