Joel Corry Plans To Play The Biggest Stages This Year

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It’s been another huge success for Joel Corry after releasing his latest single BED with RAYE and David Guetta back in February.

And it appears the former reality television star has his eyes set on more than just big chart successes over the rest of this year.

During a recent interview, when asked about his goals, he said: “I always have goals and always working towards something.”

“My dream is to play all the big stages of the festivals around the world because DJing is my number one love in life.”

“Performing in front of the crowd is what I love the most and I’ve been doing it since I was sixteen years old now” he went on to reveal.

The BED hitmaker continued: “Especially after taking a year out, I want to play on some of the biggest stages that I have always dreamt about.”

“And the success of my music will hopefully take me there one day, so I will just keep working hard” he finished by saying.

You can hear Joel’s new song Bed on Edge Radio!