Joel Corry got professional bed making lessons in London

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Joel Corry is celebrating the release of his new song Bed by getting himself and his collaborator RAYE some professional bed making lessons.

During a new video posted to his YouTube channel, the music duo can be seen at the swanky and expensive Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair.

The pair are joined by professional housekeeper Oleg who has been tasked with teaching them both how to make a bed properly.

Unfortunately, they get off to a horrendous start just trying to put the mattress protector onto the blank bed without any bedding on it.

And things only go from bad to worse as both Joel and RAYE get a telling off by the staff for doing the corners of the sheets incorrectly.

By the end of the video, and with a totally made bed, Oleg is then asked by the hitmakers to rate the bedding, giving it just four out of ten.

While RAYE is left in fits of laughter, Joel turns to the camera and says: “Well now I know we’ve got a four I’ve lost my motivation now.”

Finishing the video, the pair stick their feet up and rest with the television on in the room as they high five for their somewhat poor skills.

Watch the video below!