Joel Corry gives you the chance to order robots of himself

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Joel Corry recently released his next massive single BED in time for summer and the music video features robot versions of him throughout.

His collaborators RAYE and David Guetta also make an appearance in the video, and now fans can check out the specs of each robot.

In his next move to try and promote the single, the hitmaker has created a new website to display the latest models of the robots used.

The fake company behind them, Perfect Partner Synthetics, offers fans of the hitmaker to check out the various selling points.

For example, the Joel 75OZ model robot has all day battery life, desirable and fully bespoke physique and uses a TX-390-5 processor on it.

Other models have different benefits, like the RAYE robot being a tequila queen, the love of your life and having 100% real human interaction.

Obviously, you cannot actually order the robots, and when you click the order button you’re directed to the music video on YouTube.

But we’ve had fun choosing which model to buy anyway!

Make your own Joel Corry doll – Here