Edinburgh Zoo’s giant panda has been artificially inseminated in the latest birth attempt

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Edinburgh Zoo have announced that their female giant panda could be expecting a new arrival in the future.

Tian Tian was artificially inseminated for the 8th time at the weekend under expert veterinary care.

The giant panda has not given birth since arriving in Scotland in 2011 but has been pregnant before in China in 2007.

Edinburgh Zoo’s giant pandas are currently the only two in the UK. They are on a 10-year loan from the Bifengxia Breeding Centre in China.

After Tian Tian arrived at the zoo, along with her male companion Yang Guang, it was hoped that they would mate.

However, after failed attempts in 2018, Yang Guang is unable to mate with her after tumors were found and his testicles were removed in November 2018.

Due to him being unable to conceive, a donor was chosen instead. Hualong, a panda from the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, has been picked as a good genetic match for Tian Tian.

Keepers at the zoo are hoping this time could be the one, as they said the procedure went well and the bear is in good health.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Zoo said: “It really would be incredible for her to experience being a mother again.

“We will only know for certain that Tian Tian is pregnant if she gives birth later this year.”

If you miss visiting the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo, you can watch them live here