Edinburgh fashion brand launch new campaign to raise money for mental health charity

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A fashion brand founded by two Edinburgh women has launched a new campaign to raise money for local mental health charity, Penumbra.

Sophie Gorol and Ashleigh Gray started up their brand, named ‘Brighter Than My Future’ (BTMF) during the pandemic. Like many others, they felt there wasn’t much to do during the first lockdown, and their love for fashion brought them to the idea of starting their own business.

BTMF ran their first charity campaign at Christmas, where they raised money for Social Bite’s Festival of Kindness and also supplied the homelessness charity with 149 warm beanie hats.

After their first successful campaign, they have decided to launch ‘Grow Through What You Go Through’ which will see all profits from their new t-shirts donated to Penumbra.

Penumbra is one of Scotland’s largest mental health charities. They offer a range of support and services to improve health and wellbeing including supported living and accommodation, crisis support, and self harm services. Their main message is that people can recover from their issues and there is a way out.

Sophie and Asheleigh said: “Recently we have seen the major impact of the pandemic on people’s mental health. Both people close to us and also people you read about in the news. We looked for a local charity that dealt with a wide range of mental health issues and decided to start a new campaign. The idea wasn’t just about raising money. It was about highlighting the fact that you can grow through what you go through.”

“We wanted to keep our content light-hearted and fun but also raise awareness for serious mental health issues that affect so many people around us. Mental health is still quite a taboo topic and our campaign is about showing people talking about it, sharing experiences and how they overcame their issues.”

‘Grow Through What You Go Through’ T-Shirt.

Alongside their campaign, they have allowed mental health advocates with real life stories to take over their social media.

“We did the take overs during the campaign to let our audience see real people, normal people who have gone through really serious issues and came out the other side. They were actually really successful and we had a couple of people reach out for more advice and we couldn’t really ask for much more than that really.”

The founders of BTMF added: “We may be a reasonably small platform but if we make a difference to one person, then we have achieved what we set out to do. It also allows us to be creative with ideas on how to raise awareness and money for good causes and thats also what we enjoy.”

The t-shirts are unisex and are available in black or white, in sizes up to 5XL.

You can purchase a t-shirt from the BTMF website here.