Edinburgh council leader apologizes for school racism

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Edinburgh City Council leader Adam McVey has apologised to the victims of racism in capital schools, after an investigation found numerous incidents of racist abuse from both students and teachers.

Some of the allegations of racist abuse include pupils being called “monkeys” and “slaves”, and being told to “go home” by racist students, and that racial stereotypes were perpetuated by staff using words like “gang” or “tribe” to refer to groups of BAME students.

In one school, pupils alleged that the use of the N-word was tolerated by staff.

Several teachers across the capital’s schools have been implicated by the report, and management reviews are said to be ongoing, although no disciplinary action has been taken.

The report stopped short of claiming that a ‘culture of racism’ exists in the local authority’s schools, but did conclude that at some schools the processes to report racism are ineffective, the management of racist incidents is ineffective, and the schools’ cultures are not “sufficiently” supportive of BAME pupils.

Now, council leader McVey, who represents Leith for the SNP, apologised to those who experienced racism in the city’s schools, and thanked those who came forward to report it.

By local democracy reporter Joseph Anderson