Edinburgh Council and Police Scotland are working together to combat ugly urination scenes around the Lothian area

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Photo by Linn Creutzer from Pexels

Edinburgh City Council has confirmed that £450,000 will go into temporary toilets across The Lothian area. This comes after ugly scenes of street-side urination and defecation have been witnessed in and around beauty hotspots, Portabello Beach and the Meadows.

Councillor Lesley Macinnes, SNP Environment Convenor said in a statement,

“We recognise that an increased number of public toilets is going to be needed to allow residents and visitors to stay longer to enjoy our beautiful parks, beaches and other open spaces. There have been reports of people toileting in and around these areas and I really hope that providing additional temporary facilities, if funding is approved, helps to put a stop to that.”

As the weather improves, more people want to spend time in the beautiful parts of Edinburgh. However, the backyard toileting is unacceptable Police Scotland says. Police Scotland are working with Edinburgh Council, introducing park rangers, more surveillance and policing operations to monitor behaviour and violence.

Authoritative figures have also recognised that the current public toilet facilities need to improve. A £5million proposal has been put forward to amend this as well. Some areas named to benefit from the proposal are: Inverleith Park; Tollcross; Leith Links; Calton Hill; Corstorphine; and Morningside/Bruntsfield.