Dua Lipa might have a massive collaboration in the works

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It’s not what you know in the music business, as often it all comes down to who you know if you want to have the biggest song in the world and clearly attending the Grammy Awards the other night may have been good networking for Dua Lipa if rumours are true. 

Hosts from the coverage of the show had mentioned that they had bumped into the singer and she mentioned Cardi B was a dream collaboration but would the WAP singer really be up for doing a song with her? Absolutely she would according to the hitmaker herself. 

One fan tweeted a snippet of the statement to Twitter, and the ​Bodak Yellow star retweeted it and shot her shot for working together. 

“Dope …..mhhhhmmm I wonder how that would sound like?” she wrote, which then sent Dua Lipa fans into a total frenzy. 

The replies to the statement were all up for it, with one fan writing: “I honestly think that would be the pairing of the decade tbh.”