Love Island’s Curtis regrets dumping Amy and will give romance a second chance, claims relationship expert

CURTIS Pritchard “regrets” dumping Amy Hart and will give their relationship another chance outside the villa – according to a relationship expert.

April Masini believes Curtis has been miserable since losing Amy and shacking up with Maura, and will be hoping to give things another shot when he leaves the villa.

She told the Daily Mirror: “Curtis absolutely has regrets about dumping Amy and they were a better match than he and Maura.

“Amy’s insecurity was actually a good match for Curtis’ father-figure self-styling and his aphorism guru persona.

“Even though he complained about her needing reassurance, it’s one of the things that bonded them over the long run.

“Maura is much more likely to go rogue at any second, and that doesn’t suit Curtis. He liked who he was with Amy more than he does with Maura.

“Once they’re off Love Island, he’ll definitely reach out to Amy.

“I think that she’ll give him another chance and the pressure cooker atmosphere of Love Island will be off, and that’ll make it easier for them to give it a go.”

Credit: The Sun

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